Our extensive experience in delivering precast concrete products allows us to offer a reliable and highly efficient delivery service.

Whether delivering our Hollowcore units, or our bespoke structural precast components, we can ensure our quality and experience meets your demanding delivery requirements.

Our strategically located manufacturing facilitiy in Derbyshire enables us to decrease transport radials and deliver to most UK sites within a few hours. Each construction site is unique, whether its vehicle size restrictions or the time constraints required by educational facility projects, we have experienced them all.

Most of our modern fleet of vehicles are well equipped with safety cameras that record digital footage of the vehicle journeys and off-loading activity. These safety cameras are invaluable as a ‘digital witness’ in the event of an incident but more importantly act as a deterrent to unsafe practices.

Following an increase in cyclist fatalities in London involving construction related vehicles between 2008 and 2012, a review was commissioned of transport activities in the construction logistics sector. The review looked to understand the causes of collisions with all vulnerable road users, including cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists, and how they may be prevented.

Bison’s logistics provider has contributed significantly to the industry led initiative in producing the Standard for Construction Logistics Managing Work Related Road Risk [WRRR]. Our Logistics provider ensures drivers undertake regular driving assessments and participate in a programme of continuous professional development.

Drivers are required to attend a Safer Urban Driving or Crossrail Cycle awareness course. WRRR clauses are incorporated into transport contracts, requiring suppliers operating freight vehicles to demonstrate that their operations meet best practice standards such as Gold Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) minimum and collision reporting. Vehicles are required to have close proximity warning systems, Class VI mirrors, blind spot minimisation systems, audible alarms and side guards and rear warning signs fitted.

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