Supplying more stadia elements to new large scale stadiums than any other company in Britain, Bison Manufacturing were the obvious choice when back in 1998, Wembley National Stadium Ltd's professional team sought a team to pitch design ideas and costs for the new national stadium.

The road to Wembley was a long and arduous process for all involved as the project underwent intense public media and political scrutiny, both prior to and during construction, as it emerged that the projected time scales for the build completion were unrealistic and the general public became increasingly disillusioned.

Working against this backdrop, Bison’s manufacturing facilities went about producing the vast quantities of precast concrete specified for the £17million contract. Casting commenced in May 2003 and continued until 2005, with all elements delivered to budget and on time.

The 90,000 capacity stadium required over 90,600m² of 200mm and 150mm deep Hollowcore flooring and over 13,000m³ of precast concrete to form 54 kilometres of terracing, ancillary steps, walls and stairflights.

Bison’s Chief Estimator, was heavily involved in the project throughout: "This was an extremely challenging project which was ultimately a great success from the Bison team’s perspective, as we were able to supply the necessary elements effectively and on time utilising the skills and cooperation of all departments and key external suppliers.

"Wembley has been an amazing experience for us all, involving major civil engineering works with an immense building job underneath. It is only when people step inside this vast sporting arena that they will actually realise the magnitude of the project and the very uniqueness of the outstanding national facility that it provides."


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