Bison worked closely with Watson Steel Structures Ltd to supply non-standard reinforced concrete solid lattice girder panels, specifically designed to meet the needs of Network Rail’s extensive refurbishment of Kings Cross Station.

Bison produced in excess of 5000m2 of 75mm thick reinforced concrete lattice girder slabs to form the soffit for 400 to 550 deep floors for the project. This project saw the transformation of the Northern Ticket Hall and provided the foundations for an exciting modern space with superb facilities.

Bison, the leading manufacturer within the precast concrete industry since 1919, were able to develop the bespoke product at this unusually thick specification due to the adaptability of their production facilities, despite the fact that they have not produced a similar product for over 30 years. This adaptability and manufacturing experience, combined with extensive open communications between all parties involved in the project, helped to ensure the success of the contract.

Bison’s Technical Director, comments: “We were able to supply the lattice floor components because of our flexible manufacturing capabilities which provided the solution for these deep lattice floors which are required to span up to 5 metres without any additional propping.

“The installation was a success, and the project management team were happy with both the product performance and delivery process. We worked closely with Metronet Rail to develop this bespoke product, whilst ensuring that the superb product quality and level of service expected of Bison was maintained at every stage of the project.”

The key station works at King’s Cross, including extensive refurbishment of the train shed, platforms, offices and roof, was completed in late 2011, in time for the 2012 London Olympics.

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