We believe in doing business in a way that is fair, transparent and, above all, safe and sustainable. These are the fundamentals of responsible practice.

By choosing Bison, you can be confident these values will be integrated into your project at every stage.

At Bison we recognise that a responsible business is a sustainable business. We take our responsibilities seriously – and none more so than health and safety. No other matter – commercial or operational – takes precedence over the wellbeing of those involved in or affected by our activities. In an industry where safety is a key watchword, we have implemented companywide education and training programmes and developed our own lifting systems and procedures to reduce the risk posed by heavy materials handling and falls from height.

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To ensure our sustainability agenda delivers maximum value, our concern for the environment has seen us address issues of waste and emissions across the entire supply chain. Bison's production facilities are some of the most sustainable pre-cast concrete plants in the world, making use of LEAN techniques to drive down the impact of the manufacturing process on the environment and its resources.

Bison prides itself in supporting its local communities with its staff actively involved in numerous local projects.

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