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what is the minimum required 28 days concrete strength for structural screed over hollowcore slab flooring.

load/span tables are based on a structural topping of grade C30.

Hi we are planning to use 250 mm HC planks in one of our next projects, with a live load of 5 KN/m2. The MC has now indicated the requirement of using Scissors Lift equipment up to 3500 KG on top of the precast slabs to reach skylight units in certain areas. Would this type of floor be able to support this extra (temporary) load? Your urgent response to this matter will be very much appreciatted. Thanks.

confirm 250dp x 1200w unit will design in the temporary and permanent case for load/span given over telephone

I'm undertaking a scheme design just now for an office block. I've come up with a scheme of spanning 300mm hollowcore unit 12m between primary steel beams spanning 6m. The loading is office catergory 4 kN/m2 with finishes of 1.5 kN/m2 I was not intending on putting a screed on the units, with the precamber taken up by raised floor. What precamber would you expect in a 300mm unit spanning 12m. Also, what frequency does the 12m spanning unit give?

from load/span given. anticipated camber 80.0mm (+tol) unit wll move down 40.0mm when laid on bearing. with no finish, please note allowed tolerance for unit camber and thickness. natural frequency 3.8hz.

what is the correct procedure for lifting hollowcore floor slabs ?

chains may be attached to the unit in one of two ways. 1. bison lifting chains attached to proprietary cast in lifting hooks with additional safety chains. 2. choke chains wrapped around around the slab. chains should be positioned no more than 4 x the unit depth from the end of the unit. all subject to s.w.l and site installation plan.

We are proposing to use your 200mm thk. standard pre-cast concrete floor slabs with 50mm levelling screed on top for a separating floor for two storey self contained flats. However, I was wondering if there was anyway to improve the accoustic performance of the slab given the strict requirements in the building regulations. ie Insulated hollowcore slabs, etc. Would it be possible for you to send me any information or thoughts, that you may have on improving the slabs performance. Regards Murray Young

Bison insulated slabs are primarily for ground floor. Robust Details indicate minimum weight of materials used in the build up of the floor construction. An accoustic engineer may be able to advise.

Where are the DWG details?!

all details in pdf. on web site : hollowcore floors. product details. hollowcore floor bearing details or techniacal details.

Do you have ISO 14001 certification? I am working on the BREEAM submission for a special needs school in Kirkby which used your product and need to prove our materials are responsibly sourced but can only find the ISO 9001 certificate on your website. Can you please send the ISO 14001 certificate, or a link to it? Regards Sarah Bowes

We do have ISO 140001 certification. This can be found in the downloads area of the website under Accreditations and Certifications.

Dear Sir Madam, I am looking at using the Bison precast planks mounted on angles welded to the web of steel beams in a new build steel framed structure. The building is stabalised using cross bracing and the floor plate will be required to provide a structural diaphragm to transfer lateral loads. Please can you advise me on your reccomended details for establishing a structural diaphragm with precast floor plates (eg screed with/without mesh)? Many thanks, Dave

bearing on shelf angles the units will have a notched end. a structural concrete infill between the web of the beam and the notched end will provide diaphragm transfer.

Hi, I'm designing a steel frame as a crash deck, and want to check the composite PCU under the crash deck loading is adequate. As this is an accidental/crash situation, please can you lower your factor of safety to 1.05. Please can you tell me the maximum span of the following: - 100mm structural screed on 150 PCU (sound slab or standard) - Crash deck loading; DL = 12.85 kN/m2 (unfactored) IL = 3.7 kN/m2 (unfactored) If you could get back to me today it would be appreciated. Many thanks, Jonathan Quinton - Structural Engineer - CWA

further to our recent telephone conversation. we confirm, on your instruction to reduced the factor of safety to 1.05. from loads given max span 6.0m.

The hollowcore floor planks are described as 1200mm wide nominally. However can these be cut to be reduced in width, and if so what other typical module widths are available? Also what is the maximum length of plank able to be transported on a standard lorry?

cut from 1200w unit. standard cut widths - 350mm : 600mm : 850mm. max length unit (subject to design)transported on a standard lorry. 11.0m for units upto 250mm dp. 13.0m for units 300mm to 450mm dp. regards

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