We recognise that our success depends on the expertise, hard work and the commitment of our team.

We have an ethos of continuous development that ensures our team have the appropriate qualifications, skills and experience. We work hard to ensure all our people benefit from structured career support – and get the training they need to reach their potential.

Not enough young people are pursuing careers in construction. Unless this trend is reversed, the growth of our sector – and the wider economy – will be impacted.  In the UK, the number of 16–19 year-olds in our industry has halved since the recession.

Meanwhile, our increasingly sophisticated delivery processes will demand much more of our workforce. To ensure we have the right capabilities, it is vital we are able to attract and retain the very best people by offering rewarding careers with real development opportunities.

To hedge against skills gaps we are working with schools and colleges to inspire more young people to consider careers in construction.

Construction and engineering is still regarded as a predominantly male domain. Yet we cannot resolve the skills gap without addressing this imbalance. We must work harder to encourage diversity in all its forms – or risk seriously restricting the pool of talent we have to choose from.

Our People. Our Passion. Our Products.